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If you want to have a good laugh now, go read this column. What a lucky guy I am to not have to worry about my hairline, and to be able to look in the mirror simply wondering, "Am I a handsome guy or what?" I have to thank my father and grandpas for giving me this durable hair. Oh, but seems like they also gave me the height genes that left much to be desired....


I do the "am I handsome or what?" thing all the time too! Fortunately, I'm not at that whole age when hair loss is a problem and the lack of stress caused by not worrying about it will probably keep it away :)

Actually, being (almost)20 I notice that a few people at school are going through the premature baldness/aging thing .. It's not really noticable unless you look closely (I was bored one time what can I say?) but it's gotta suck for sure.