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It's November!

You visit your own blog site and, alas, find no entries displayed on the main entry section. Scary? It can happen. Actually, David of Blogdom has just experienced that phenomenon.

It can happen, depending on your setting of the number of days displayed, and your frequency of updates. I had a similar occasion after the long absence this May. Scary. Scary.

Speaking of the frequency of updates, do you remember or know what I accomplished in November last year? I blogged a perfect month! Oh, that brings back memories. Good old days.... (By the way, the ATB Award thing turned out later to be a bogus one. Ha ha!)

It's November again. Though I don't think I have the drive I had those days now, I can say I still enjoy blogging. I'll keep blogging at my own pace, taking care not making the layout of this site look miserable again. I've just changed the displaying days from 30 to 15. Pressure? Yeah, I need some, if not much.


I don't have my own site yet, nor blog, so I don't have a clue....I still get about a dozen or so spam mail from porn industry despite cleaning it up on yahoo email, so I guess I never have to worry about nobody paying any attention... LOL

I wish Ahnold was the spamulator...going around slaying unwanted spam and their senders.... :D

If you make a website, I bet it will be a cool one. Until then, feel free to use the forum like your own site. ;)

WOW! A Perfect month?! That's truly incredible - you have my envy. Seriously, I haven't posted much recently and feel awful about it. A perfect month would be great waay to make it up ;)

Your site is cool...no need to change it unless you honestly feel like you need to... :D

I've been kind of burnt out lately...myself...hard to find interesting new stuff every time....maybe Clive on the forums page will do the honors for a while from Aussieland.... :D

Blank Main Page Syndrome is caused by one of the few questionable design decisions that went into the Movable Type default templates.

And there's a cure for it, free of any side-effects: All it takes is a minor tweak to the MTEntries tag.

Out of the box, the MTEntries tag calls for a certain number of days to be displayed on the main page. It makes a whole lot more sense, however, to display a certain number of *posts*. This is what the "lastn" attribute does. Supposing you want to display the ten most recent posts on your main page, the tag should then simply read:

[MTEntries lastn="10"]

(Angle brackets instead of square brackets, of course.)

If only I had known the tweak earlier! But now I feel like enjoying the thrill for the time being. ;)

Hey, Kiyo!
I was just at this site:
and I came across this site, too!

just couldn't resist....had to show you that one! :D

Fun stuff! So al-Sahaf is in the US now? LOL for "unshakeable, in fact, no matter the evidence". I hope Shuwa-chan is not. ;)