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TheRich, my long-time fellow blogger - don't ask me how long is long time in this blog sphere - , has just set up a new layout for RUHome. Check it out before he suddenly changes his mind and trashes it! Well, joking aside, I really like his new layout. And whenever I see an awesome one, I'll feel like changing mine too. I think I'll be working on a winter version for this site, but probably it'll be the same one as displayed here last time. I don't have the nerve to change the look drastically, and I like the snowman.

It's the last day of the three consecutive holidays. Yesterday was Labor Thanksgiving Day. Do you agree that when you have a lot of time, you won't do what you need to do? That's my case with blogging. I meant to blog away durign the days off, only to find no entries posted but today. (I like whining about my blogging. Excuse me.)



OMG! That Donald Duck image is so wacked out! HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHHAHHAAHHAHA. Big ahnold laugh....
upon looking at Rich's site....nice picture of Ayukawa from Orange Road, though :D

I know nothing about anime characters. ;)

the colors you've used so far are pretty winterish so the changes wouldn't have to be drastic. me on the other hand: I went crazy with the bright colors and I also don't want to radically change it (I kinda like the simplicity) so it'll be more difficult. I'm gonna probably change a few key colors, and ofcourse make a new top image .. snowman is a good idea, but I may also use a winter sport or snowflake or something :)

I like the simplicity too. Seems like it's a season for changes, eh? Looking forward to seeing the new look, pketh.

You can be simple with colors though, so don't be afraid to use them. I get so wrapped up in layout that it takes all my time up and leaves little for actually writing. So I just avoid making any changes and that way I can spend time thinking about what do write and not what color goes with what. I'm content with my layout, so it stays.

Thanks to everyone for poppin' by my little place on the Interweb™. Your comments were also greatly appreciated. My friend Enforcer has sent me a javascript to change how the snow works (your comments were taken to heart Jessica!).
WIth it being such an old series, I wondered if anyone would recognize the character I used in the title image. Well done!

If you know nothing about anime characters, then how would you know Orange Road was an anime? One of the big mysteries of life, I guess....or are you omniscient? If the latter, then you know more than you let on :D

TheRich: One of these aeons, when the stars are right and the Olde Ones are back, I'll need to learn how to make blog sites like You and Kiyo :D

Japanese Labor Thanksgiving Day is over, and today is international Stomach Thanksgiving Day.
Have you ever heard of Frankgiving Day? I'll soon write about it, in Japanese, in the blog where you kindly left a comment. CU!


The image said she's an anime character. But still I know nothing about anime characters. ;)


No, I don't know about Frankgiving Day. I'm looking forward to reading about it.