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The cold-like something seems to be gone now, and I feel much better than I did last week. But I have to stay on my toes. The first snow of the season came to my town at last. I should admit it's officially winter here. The air is obviously different, I mean, that of winter. Although the snow melted away soon, I'd better change tires before it's too late. Yeah, it's winter, and this is just about the time of year when I wish to be in Australia. Maybe I'll think about putting the idea into practice when I get much older, when my wife's joke of "You'd die" wouldn't sound like a joke any more. ;)

Mwhaha, it's the first Monday post in a long while. ;)


Yep. Australia sure is a great place to be in at the moment :P
*stretches out in the sun*

Tis a lovely place. Melbourne is just warming up. Other areas are already stinking hot!

While you dream of escaping the Hokkaido winter for Australia, Shiori and I are dreaming of our February sojourn in Sapporo to see the Snow Festival. The tickets are booked, and I'm looking forward to experiencing a winter unlike any I've experienced before.

Enjoy the bright spring for me, Clive and Rae. Come on! ;)

Peter, though I don't always recommend a trip to Hokkaido in winter, the Sapporo Snow Festival is definitely an exception. That sure is worth visiting! I'm already envious of you two. :)