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A Dump Truck

When I was a little kid, I loved to see dump trucks. I don't remember exactly how old I was then, but probably in the first grade or a little younger. I would often stand alone by the side of the road near my house and watch them passing for a while. My favorites were the ones with a big cool emblem on both doors. They came from, I guess, a trucking company in a neighboring town.

One day, when I was standing there as usual, a big truck with the very emblems pulled over in front of me. Surprisingly enough, the driver opened the passenger-side door, and offered to let me in. I jumped for joy. He drove me around the neighborhood, stopped by a small store, and bought me an an-pan (a Japanese bean-jam bun). Then, he brought me back to where I was. As a kid, I felt it was like - a dream of mine came true.

I don't remember if I told my parents about that. And sadly, I can't remember the face of the kind truck driver, either. If that happened now, he could be suspected of a possible kidnapping attempt or something. But, oh, those were the days. And now I honestly thank him for giving me a wonderful memory of my childhood.

Merry Christmas! (from a Christmas-Day-only Christian)

Merry xmas!


Nice story. Too bad that the world has changed not always for the better.

Yes, nice story!! Mery Christmas. We didn't have a white christmas -- though it is good for me.

Merry Christmas from Texas!

I wonder how many Christmas-Day-only Christians there are? Merry Christmas. We're not having a white christmas either. It's still Christmas Eve here though, but I don't think it's going to snow.

Another Merry Christmas from Texas!

I like your story^^
and merry christmas to you too~
by the way, I heard the new single song of GLAY loat night~which I consider to be the best gift to me^^

Great story. Have a Great XMas hehe, did you make that cool pic yourself?

Merry Christmas!!it doesn't snow in S'pore...Nice pic!
btw, i can't seem 2 b able to post on the guestmap...