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A Flat Flat

I'm still pondering what Mr. Rumsfeld tried to teach us in the speech. Here's another funny piece inspired by it.

English is deep. I'd rather go to the bathroom to take a bath. I want you to make clear how many zeros it takes to mean by "trillion." Is a dustman called so because he collects garbage with a cloud of dust behind him? Can the gum be chewable or lickable or glueable or whateverable? How can a bug be a bird along with a lady? Is your lounge large enough to be used as a public waiting room? Do you wear pants over pants? How much could I expect to win by parking my car in a parking lot? How can you put your trainers on your feet? Is zzz zee zee zee or zed zed zed?

I love English. :)


But don't forget, when you introduce the element of engrish on top of English, you open a whole new world of confusion that is perfect for our modern world of chaos :D

for those that don't know engrish yet, visit: www.engrish.com :D

I also believe chindogu is the inventor's engrish using items rather than words :D

Kiyo: if you're pondering Rumsfeld's speech, then you are thinking too hard :D

And why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway?

As I said to Mieko the other day--I'm just so, so grateful that I don't have to learn English as a second language!

It beats me why everybody is getting upset over that Rumsfeld quote. It's absolutely correct and lucid English; a "known", as Webster's will tell you, is a "known quantity".

I hasten to add that I'm neither a big fan of the neocons nor wish to uphold Rumsfeld as a model of grace and elegance in public speaking, but the hubbub over this statement of his is entirely groundless.

"Pants" is interesting in a Japanese context because it was imported twice: the original import was British and it meant "underpants", then came the American import in the sense of "trousers". As a result, *pantsu* is highly ambiguous.

My personal comment on Rumsfeld's speech is, "So what?"

As for "pantsu," yeah, the older generations are highly unlikely to take it as trousers.

I dunno....I kinda loved Rumsfeld's speech....it brought the necessary measure of chaos that we all need in daily dosages to make life interesting :D

and with the media picking it up and making it into a big story is even better...to help spread the chaos :D