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Being Sorry

About 10 minutes after the class began, a fifth grade boy dashed into the classroom late, paused a moment trying to remember something, and said in English,

"Sorry I'm great!"

I, holding back the laughter, said to him, "Yeah, you may be great, then why do you have to be sorry about that?"

You know what the kid meant to say? It's "Sorry I'm late." And I am to blame for not teaching him proper pronunciation. I have to be sorry about that. No, I didn't teach him to say so for fun even though I find it so much fun to ... um, believe me. Sorry I'm not great.


I have to give you propers for not breaking down into histerics, like I would have done if one of my students said that. You know, I'd figure after teaching for 10 months that I'd have at least one REALLY FUNNY mistranslation story--but I don't.

pure lol! I'm w/ TheRich in that I wouldn't be able to contain the laughter.. possibly emotionally scaring the boy :D

Being a teacher have to face a lot of pressures and difficulties~but I still want to be one~also an English teacher-for there are always some unexpected fun and some touched sensation within the course of teaching,right?

I think you would be a great teacher. At least he tried to apologise in English - That's got to be a positive!

There are enough sorry people out there....for what you have done, it's understandable....stop being sorry and just show them the way :D

also: came across a great site for Japanese literature online....see the forums for the links :D

merry xmas! :D


super funny. sorry im great!

its like saying, sorry im so cool and i can be late and you suck!