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Blogging Hour

When do you bloghop? I usually browse my fellow bloggers' sites in the morning, and often at night, at around 10, after work when I feel like doing so. I write my blog entries in the morning, never at night. I'm more of a morning person unlike some 20 years ago.

One thing I find interesting is time differences. I may be blogging while you are enjoying dinner. My good morning may be good night for you. That's amusing.

I usually blog at around 11 in the morning. On a whim, I tried calculating what time it is in your area when I'm thinking about what to blog on.

  • Los Angeles 06:00 PM
  • Austin 08:00 PM
  • New York 09:00 PM
  • Vancouver 06:00 PM
  • Toronto 09:00 PM

  • London 02:00 AM
  • Barcelona 03:00 AM
  • Moscow 05:00 AM
  • Jakarta 09:00 AM
  • Beijing 10:00 AM
  • Kuala Lumpur 10:00 AM
  • Sydney 01:00 PM

I hope you won't suffer from jet lag.


Well, I can honestly say I'm doing one of two things when you're blogging, friend. I'm either sleeping, or teaching a class and a coffee induced alertness. ;)

I think the time difference is few between China and Japan~
maybe an hour or so~~
And I study in hangzhou~杭州 in chinese~~
and I;m learning Japanese~~it seems that the japanese is also written as 杭州~~hope you can understand~~~^-^
and I blog at noon or in the evening~~for then I'm after the calss~~~:)

time zones never stop fascinating me.. sure it's just a matter of simple math to figure out what time it is for someone else. But then I think about how you're like a day ahead of me and how night is day and vice versa and i keep feeling boggled

i'm interested in the time differences. suppose u are having lunch, and those in the different timezone just go to sleep at midnight; it gives me a sense of regulation that everyone has his days and nights as well as his life and death.

When you're blogging at 11am, it's 8pm where I am and I'm usually eating dinner or watching tv. I've noticed that a lot of your updates were in the evening here and I always wanted to know that time it was in Japan.

I'm not a morning person so I never blog early.

I usually check my daily reads (including your site, of course), around 8AM Austin time, when I'm drinking my morning coffee.

I might check back again in the evening, between 9PM and 10PM--just to see how discussions are shaping up in the comments section.

Usually I'm not very aware of the time difference--even though about half of my daily reads originate in Japan. I only notice it when I post to my Hajimemashou blog--which is set for Japanese time. I hit publish and notice I've written it tomorrow. It's a dizzying feeling. All my other blogs are on Austin time though.