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So it is December. Even though I hate winter, I don't hate the entire atmosphere of the month. With the season of winter having set in, I changed the look of this page a bit. If you notice it's the same one as last winter, you are a long-time reader of my blog. My sincere thanks go to you.

And it's nice to introduce you another Japanese blogger here. Ladybird, aka Machilin, has just set up a new English blog site with the help of Ken Loo. I'd like you to read this entry for a starter. I was impressed with her views, and posted a comment. After that, I noticed the message sounded just like ones from comment spammers. Aargh! No, don't get me wrong, Machilin.


Kiyo,thank you very much for your kind introduction. However, you've chosen a wrong entry. I hope you won't imagine me as a man-hater.

so many blogs so little time!

p.s. wow, the winter layout is awesome

Sure, it's not super technical and have lots of impressive shockwave stuff - but it says 'winter' and that's what's best :D

Hahaha, Machilin, I know you aren't. ;)

Thanks for the good words, pketh. Yeah, I like the snowman and the wallpaper. ;)