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Exercise and Haiku

I've got a charley horse as a result of the snow shoveling I did yesterday. Does this mean I'm still young? Yeah, I know "lack of exercise" explains it all. But, in any case, the winter here gives me a lot of exercise to do whether I like it or not. So why don't you come and stay in Hokkaido in winter? I bet it will give you a lot of exercise that keeps you in good shape and, even more delightfully, stresses and strains. Ha! It's the beginning of my (annual) winter whining. Who cares? ;)

Oh, I just hit upon a haiku poem. You know, it's the very first haiku that I've made in my life. Don't miss it, because perhaps you are now witnessing a historical event that you'll find great later when I become a world famous haiku poet!

雪掻きの (yuki kaki no)
筋肉痛に (kinniku tsu ni)
年を知り (toshi o shiri)

I notice my age
With the muscle pain
From snow shoveling

I can never be a haiku poet.


haiku poem? should it be with rhythm?

hi~~It‘s the first time I come to your blog~~
the reason attracting me here is the winter in HOKKAIDO~!!!!!!
I like a famous rock band from HOKKAIDO for 4 years~~~I wonder if you know them --GLAY!
Four years ago,when I first heard WINTER AGAIN~
I have been looking forward to see the winter in HOKKAIDO!!It must be beautiful,right??
So I envy you so much for you can see that every year,every month,every week ,every day,every minute,every second!!!!!!
And doing exercise in the sonw covered place should be fun!!
Forgive me for my words above away from the point~
But I’m really too excited ~~~~~~~^^

Haiku is a kind of traditional Japanese poetry with the form of three lines and 5-7-5 syllables. I know little about its English version, but the rules are not that strict, I guess.

And, hi, TERU623. So you are a fan of "Glay." Of course, I know of them. Glay is a very popular band in Japan, though I don't listen to them very much. Yeah, winter in Hokkaido is beautiful. Hope you will have a chance to visit Hokkaido some day to enjoy the scenery, and, possibly, see the band. :)

It's my pleasure to talk with you for you are in the same place where glay were born and grew up!
And the wallpaper of my computer is just the winter scenery in HOKKAIDO!
I will visit your blog now and then from now on~
for I like here~
It seems to tell me that I will go to HOKKAIDO one day to make my dream come true!

Oh, no. Never say you can never be a haiku poet; you've just written one. Poetry, like language, belongs to all human beings as part of themselves.

Merry Christmas (whether Christmas-Day-Christian, or otherwise)!


Hey, MNW. Long time no see! Actually, when I was making the hike, I was remembering you. Hope you and your family are having great holidays too.