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So you don't have a hangover today? Hope you all had a great Christmas.

Most of the Japanese are, including me, supposed-to-be Buddhists and Shintoists, but actually not that religious. Christmas Day is not even a holiday here. Nevertheless, we enjoy Christmas. We look forward to Christmas. I dream of a white Christmas, and wish the snow would vanish away right after that. Christmas is the day of cake, gifts, and parties. And I like it. It's not bad to have something to celebrate. No wonder Santa Claus even comes to Buddhist preschools.

Oh, and the image on my last entry was the one I borrowed from Tyon. I wish I had a talent for painting.

Today is my "仕事納め," shigoto osame, or the last work day of the year. Just one last push. Phew.

Update: Seems like celebrating Chiristmas with KFC, well, not KEC, has become popular here. (thanks to den4)


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actually most of chinese have no religious too^^
but like all of you ,we enjoy the day!
And I also envy you so much for you can have the real white christmas~we have no snow here~~555

no hangover, just sore.

stomach is tired from so much food! haha

Hahaha, that's good for you, paburo. :)

I didn't do much actually, I didn't feel good so I went to sleep early heh. Tyon's got some pretty good drawing skills for sure, and I've also noticed around holidays that involve food KFC always steps up their advertising. guess it works :)