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Funny Stuff

** Hi, Kogo-sensei. I just sent a trackback ping to your entry as a test.**

Among the regular visitors to this website, there is this cool guy named den4 from "a backwater state on the west coast of the US." He is a great contributor of interesting, entertaining links for The Forum. Here, I'll show you some of the gems.

Artifacts mainly from Japan

Boy, I want this unchikun! According to the site, this character's name should be pronounced "ooncheekoon," and say it quickly. Can you?

Why do men die younger?



Hmm...for my wish, I would ask him to fix the window and the bottle in the first place.

Check the forum when you feel lazy, folks. ;)


lol! The 'why do men die younger' thing made me laugh on everypage , I'm gonna go check out that forumn now :)

visiting the forum can be hazardous to your mental health, especially if it's stuff that I found :D

Look at Poor Kiyo! Even he's addicted to it now :D

Yea, I'm addicted. I'm happy to enjoy the stuff you bring. ;)

We need to start finding Kiyo a new hobby....if he's that bored to become addicted to the stuff I bring to the forums page :D