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Good Vibrations

It's a great thing in life to get to know someone with whom you feel you are on the same wavelength. I like this phrase, "being on the same wavelength." The Japanese language has exactly the same expression as well:

波長が合う (hacho ga au)

Also, its similar ones are:

気が合う (ki ga au)
ウマが合う (uma ga au)

Wait. What the heck does this "uma" mean? I dunno. The first thing that pops into my mind is "horse." Horse? So, I searched and found out it did come from the word "horse." In the old days, horses were a precious source of work and transportation. That's why it's crucial for the folks those days to find such horses that could get on well with them. Aha. I've learned a thing.


I just begin to learn Japanese and find it not easy to learn~~
the same wavelength?Does it mean you have the friends who have many things in common??

Yeah, that's about it. By the way, what do you think about Japanese kanji? I guess they are much different from your original Chinese characters. Chinese characters are one of the great gifts that the Chinese culture gave to the Japanese one.

Good luck with your study. :)

The Japanese Kanji is familiar to our chinese characters-though not totally the same~
and the meanings are almost the same~~so I like them~for I can understand Japanese better~^^
thank you for your encouragement~I will try my best to improve my Japanese!

I guess being on the same wavelength is a modern take on being "in tune" with someone. The result? a "harmonious" relationship, one where we make "sweet music" together. We're jammin', man!

Yeah, M, we ARE jammin'! :)

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