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Are you feeling lazy, folks? ;) Anyway, it's not bad to go to this site now, and experience an illusion!

Yikes! What's the trick behind it??!

--Thanks, den4. ;)


> What's the trick behind it??!

Easy: one card is removed, all of the other cards are replaced by other cards. Whichever card you chose from the first selection isn't present in the second selection, and the second selection fades away before you find the time to check what's there and what isn't. Proof:


yeah, I didn't think much about it, I just like doing tests, or something like this one. It is interesting, I like it.

At first I thougt Amazing-- and tried again,how simple! Now I'm grinning in front of the computer. Thank you!

i like david cooperfield and i wanna know how he does his magy

copperfield is a wonderful magician, and i would like to be in hes place...