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Outlook 2003

I've been playing with Outlook 2003, which came with Microsoft Office 2003 Standard, for the past couple of days. Of all the applications in MS Office, what I use on a routine basis is Word only. It sounds stupid to buy a whole system when I use only one application in it. I know, man. But every time there comes a new version of Office, I can't help upgrading to it, in spite of the fact that I usually hate MS software, and I caN't gEt nO saTisfActIon from it. Sounds like a conditioned reflex? Could be. Call me whatever.

I'd never wanted to use Outlook simply because it's heavy and slow, vulnerable to Internet virus stuff, and there were a bunch of much better mailers and PIMs available out there. Besides, it always looked uncool.

Then why the interest in the 2003 version? Because there it is. Ha ha, sure, it's always been there, and I've always ignored it. Seriously, it looked different this time. Above all, it came with an antispam feature. Spam filtering is a must for me, like most of you. Enlarging my you-know-what is none of their business, nor do I have interest in receiving the big fortunes some generous guys are eager to share with me. Although there are a lot of antispam programs, if mail software does the job by itself, that will be better. Outlook 2003 seems to filter out the junk pretty effectively. Also its new three-pane layout looks good and the feature of sorting emails in various ways rocks. And many more.

Now I find it funny myself but am beginning to wonder whether to replace my present mail client with the new Outlook. If you have anything to say about the application, drop me a line.


Actually I seldom use the outlook~~hehe~
I don‘t know why~but I have got used to other mail box~:)

Yeah, I know what you mean. Maybe I simply like something new. Incidentally, I feel there are a lot of Mac users among the visitors here.

I think you hit the nail on the head when you mentioned the virus vulnerabilities and what not. Don't become a minion of "the man." Don't start using Outlook simply because you have it. Fight the power, Kiyo. Stay away from the dark side. Darth Vader isn't that cool! Okay, enough. I think you get the point.

All this coming from a mac user. Are you surprised? hehe

OpenOffice.org (http://www.openoffice.org ) handles all MS Office formats very well (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and it's entirely free. It's a bit of a download, though.

For an alternative to Outlook, I'd recommend the mail client that comes with Mozilla (http://www.mozilla.org ), which also comes as a stand-alone application named Thunderbird. It's got Bayesian filtering which shunts spam into a junk folder; you've got to "train" it a little bit, so it will learn what you consider to be spam, but it's very accurate with very few false positives.

I don't use much of outlook but the 2003 version is very much better than its preceders. The antispam feature traps most of the spam.
The calendar has improved a little too. The newsgroups feature is still missing in Outlook though, Bill and co. probably forgotten all about it.
The new icons and er.. scheme? looks very refreshing too. It's strange to glance at first though.

I'm a mac user as u know :) but even if I was on pc I wouldn't use outlook. my limited experience with it gave me the impression that it was very bogged down and slow (like most MS stuff), that and the constant virus stuff i hear.

what works for me is really simple. I just use yahoomail, it's fast (unlike hotmail) and it also has built in spam stuff.

pketh: The reason why i stick to hotmail's pathetic 2MB web mail is because it's interface is nice, loads relatively fast (yahoo's still faster i think, with less graphics). Built-in anti-spam tools are really important, my hotmail account receive lots of spams.

I use a mac too and I'm happy with the Mail app that comes with os X. I use Mail for my student email address and I never get any spam, except from the school.

What email client do you use now? I've heard that Outlook has lots of security vunlerabilities that need to be patched constantly.

*sniff snif* Here I thought I was the only Mac user here. This is so beautiful. I'm choking back the tears.

Hahaha, good for you, TheRich. ;)

Thanks guys for the input. I've been using a shareware program called "Becky!", which is very popular among Japanese users, for many years, and I'm not unhappy with it. But I think I'll play with Outlook for some time, because for the first time in its history, it seems to me, Microsoft apparently tried to take care of the security problems in the application, though it's still as secure and as dangerous as IE. Maybe I'll be tired of it soon. Or maybe not.