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Snow Blues

Team KEC has made a good start so far this month, over .500. Who's the manager? - Me. Who are the players? - Me. Cheering squad? - Uh, Kiyo and company, maybe. Heh, you know what I mean?

I woke up this morning with the noise of a snowplow moving near my house. I looked out the window with a bad feeling, and sure enough, the entire area was beautifully covered with the incredible amount of snow for one night! Hey, Winter, it's not fair to snow that much while I was asleep, is it? I didn't expect it to happen at all when I went to bed last night. The weather report didn't say so. Well....

So, I spent the whole morning shoveling the snow around my house, swearing at the weather. I'm 疲れ果てた, tsukare hateta, or completely bushed now. Nice exercise, eh? Come on. If only I knew someone like Samantha of Bewitched. She would clear the snow away with a twitch of her nose. Sounds archaic? Then, what about someone like Copperfield? Not he himself but his staff would offer a labor and show me a nice illusion. Whatever.


Well, how about Jeannie from the I Dream of Jeannie show? She could blink her eyes rather than twitch her nose and get the snow away....of course, when she does give a wish, something always goes awry :D

speaking of old shows, I'm wondering if there are videos for old anime shows like Sasuke, Kaibutsu-kun, Umeboshi Denkan and the like....I have found old black and white versions of Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro on video...but no luck finding the other stuff :(

At least you have snow. I'm currently frying in horrible amounts of heat, surrounded by flies.

I'd rather stay in the heat, Clive. ;)

Wow, den4, I know the other three, but not Umeboshi Denkan! I'll try to find them anyway. :)