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They got him. Good news. Hopefully.

Well, even though I'm a strong hater of winter (in Hokkaido) now, my childhood was another story. Like many other kids, playing on the snow was a real kick for me. Yeah, I liked winter and snow. Even seeing a heavy snowstorm made me excited, because it's a sign of no school the next day!

Have you ever played snowball fights? This is fun. (via 100 SHIKI)


You know, having my first Christmas time without snow, I can't say that I'm missing the chilly white flakes. Christmas in warmer climate hasn't dulled the holiday senses for me at all. Actually, I think it's improved them. Now they're ultra-keen, because of a new and improved formula.

Oh yeah? That's not bad. Besides, there are places in the world where they have Christmas in summer. That's not bad, either.

snow fight is really happy~but it is a pity that we have few snow in winter~~555
but Kiyo~I want to tell you a good news~!!!
Do you know?It is said that Glay will come to shanghai which is a famous city in China next year~~maybe July !!haha~~I'm so happy that I can't help to tell you the wonderful and cheerful news!!!

That's good for you, TERU623. It seems there are few Japanese singers or bands that go overseas to give concerts. Are there many Glay fans out there?

I have Christmas in the summer, it's a great day to head out to the beach with family or friends and just relax.

not a Glay fan, but I do like Chemistry....

I miss them Marui commercials that have Tatsuro Yamashita's "Christmas Eve" tune playing on their CMs.... :(

I guess I miss Japanese CMs in general...the ones in the US are lame in comparison....most of them are barely above pathetic in their dummifying the public... :(

of course the tv shows aren't getting any better....I end up watching international channel or Discovery channel or some other cable station these days...

even the once funny Bugs Bunny shows are censored against a politically correctified public, so they are also boring and unfunny these days....

Hmm.....I wonder if Da Governator can Fix that problem when he becomes Da President of the MPAA? LOL

Yeah, Chemistry's good even though I don't keep up with "J-Pops" these days. And speaking of Glay, I have one song in their early days that I liked but whose title or even words I can't remember now.

Japanese commercials could be good for killing time, but, you know, I often wonder what products exactly they want to sell. ;)

Da Governator would do a good job as long as he remembers da "Shuwa-chan" days. ;)

Oh, and sounds great, Clive. :)

yes~~sure~Glay is wonderful band~~
so I have many friends like me with the same feeling to Glay!^^

Better to have a fun commercial to watch than a stupid one that turns you off from buying the product :D