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The Ladies

Well, well, another one. A third grade girl asked me while another student was writing some English words on the blackboard during class yesterday, "Do you have a girlfriend?" This time, I said, "Yeah, I do. Why not?" Did I tell the truth? Kind of. You know, my wife could be, in a sense, my ultimate girlfriend. Then she continued, "Is your girlfriend pretty?" I replied with a smile, "Sure, she is."

Does this mean I'm popular with schoolgirls in the lower grades? Seems like I have to be 35 years younger.


maybe that means you have the great charm~~^-^

I love teaching really young children, I started liking it when I had to do this (mandatory to get a job) volunteer thing in high school where we tutored younger elementary school kids.

It was quite possibly the funnest job I've ever had. Although, maybe i wasn't the greatest teacher - I did play favorites a little ... there was this one girl who was almost like my protege by the end of it - she inherited some of my skills/methods of learning which seem incomprehensible/crazy to most but really helped with her.

That is so sweet. Everyone had a crush on at least one of their teachers. You must be hers! :)

Thanks, TERU623 (Why623, btw?) and Rae. I'm sometimes overwhelmed by the girls' precocious remarks. ;)

pketh, that's awesome. I've been teaching for about 20 years, but hardly ever have I had such great experiences. Now, I have to try harder. ;)

hehe~~teru is the vocal I appreciate most~but there are so many people like teru~
so I have to add my birthday day after teru!!haha~~
that made me feel I'm beside teru!!^^

Oh, I see. So I've remembered your birthday. ;)

share the secret kiyo.

i want to be popular among the girls too! haha ;)