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Uncles and aunties

We went to my uncle's funeral yesterday. Though I hadn't spoken to him so often - you know, I'm always a shy nephew - , I liked his cheery and genial personality. He's gone at the age of 80. I miss him.

Ironically, such funerals, in recent years, have become one of the few opportunities where my relatives get together. We used to meet up during the New Year's or Obon holidays at my grandparents' homes when they were alive. Time flows. And now every time I see my uncles and aunts, I can't help feeling they've aged. My cousins looking older. No wonder I'm getting older. Wow.

But still, however old we get, it seems I'm always the same old "Kiyo-chan" to my uncles and aunts. Gently and lovingly, they talk to me the way they used to do when I was a kid. And I like it. Nowhere else do I feel that way.

Incidentally, this time the first words my relatives said to me like in chorus were - "You seem to have gained weight!" Aaaaah! Yeah, I'm no longer the same old skinny Kiyo-chan.


I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. My sympathies...

But I know what you mean about funerals being occasions for bringing people together--allowing kinfolk to "touch base". Last year when my older brother died of pneumonia, I was admitted into the hospital, also for pneumonia, the day before his funeral. So I was unable to fly home. Even though it was a sad time, I felt like I had missed the biggest get-together my family had ever had. I was the only one not there.

I left the story in the URL for my name. That entry has a photo of me and my brother when we were children.

Seems like my entry reminded you of your late brother.... Thanks for the link, M. I was really touched reading it. I'm sorry you had to go through that.