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I visited pketh's blog this morning to find there had been a heated exchange of opinions and views in leylop's blog on possible misunderstanding of China and its people by foreigners.

I quite agree with pketh in saying that, for a country to grow stronger and better, "it's only fair to be able to criticize what's wrong and praise what's right." And it's also important for the citizens not to be easily influenced by one-sided views. As a matter of course, information provided by media, no matter where it comes from, is a jumble of wheat and chaff. In this respect, I can't help admiring leylop's philosophical attitude toward negative reports about China, while being positive about the future of her country.

I have to admit that, until quite recently, I had only a limited perception of China - that the country is ruled by a Communist regime, and that its people have little, if any, freedom of speech. And so it came as a kind of surprise that they can have their personal blogs in which they express their views and feelings vividly. In fact, they are extremely good at doing that, which is really impressive to me. Those blogs, though I've read only a few of them in English regularly, have changed my views about the nation, naturally, in a positive way. But still, I have a little concern if Chinese bloggers can keep their blogs going the way they are now, especially after reading this article. (Hm? Is the article itself credible? Haha! ;))

I think I should try to learn about, and from, other countries, more positively.


whoo, thanks for the pimpout - so far i've got very few comments recently so i guess this tells me that opinionated semi-political commentary doesn't work for me anyways. I'm gonna go back to doing my more regular style blog posts as soon as i get time

thanks again!

I too admire Leylop's attitude toward what the media reports on China, and the future of China. I think it was Hailey's comments that created the debate. I understood what she was talking about, but her display of prejudice toward me prompted me to think twice about what she was actually saying. I didn't comment on what I thought about her post, but I think I'll just post about it on my blog. I had to spend time dispelling fallacies and figuring out how to be an 'elitist'.


That post of yours was a great one, so I wrote this entry. Y'know, it's nice to read that kind of writings once in a while. ;)


Actually, I didn't quite get grounds why the words "cultural differences" and "elitist" occurred to them about your comment. So, blog away.

Hailey said that I was an example of "cultural difference", but she never elabortated on it. And somebody called me an "elitist" and said I should go somewhere else (away from Leylop's website). This was all in the comment section of Leylop's post about Hailey's post.