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After the Blizzards

It's calm and clear today as if all the confusion last week was like a dream.

The thing is, a monstrous snowstorm went through Hokkaido. It was reportedly caused by a typhoon-like atmospheric depression, which stayed near the eastern part of Hokkaido for a couple of days.

Fortunately, there was no damage around me and my house except for the damn amount of snow and no classes for two days. Even though I like holidays, I don't want this kind of days off.

So again, Hokkaido is not a place to live in, but a place to enjoy visiting. But beware. Chances are you can't be certain of getting back home as scheduled once you come here in winter. Still, the Sapporo Snow Festival is worth seeing, Peter.


About a week from your last post, I'm still in the same boat if not more so. The snow just keeps pilling up, snowfall after snowfall :(

Driving is a big ordeal now that the roads are mostly covered with slippery slush. My car tires are basically worn out summer tires (no $$$ for new ones) and combined with the fact that the car I drive has craptacular handling transforms just an ordinary drive into a something resembling a WRC race. (WRC= World Rally Competition)

As long as the Ramen is hot and the seafood is fresh, I'll be in no hurry to return home. With the energy we're puting in to research the restaurant scene in Sapporo and Otaru I'm not sure we'll have much time to actually look at the snow sculptures ;)

I admire your bravery, pketh. ;)

And hope your trip will be a great one, Peter!