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I didn't know about the font display technology called ClearType until recently. It enhances readability on Windows XP, they say. So, I turned it on and saw. The effect was a dramatic one, well, in a sense. In fact, the fonts did look thicker and more sophisticated than before. But at the same time I noticed the text looked a little blurry. Here is how the text looks on my monitor with the feature on. And this is what I usually see without it. I wondered which looked better, and was better for my eyes. Digging into the ClearType site, I got to know the technology works best on LCD monitors. Too bad I'm using a CRT monitor!

I hear this kind of anti-alias technology is better developed under Mac OS. Does that mean Mac users enjoy sharper and clearer text on their machines?

Even though I'm satisfied with the way the text looks on my monitor, I can't help thinking it might be better if I hadn't known about the existence of a feature like this. ;)


Anti-aliasing doesn't make type any more legible but it makes it more pleasing to look at if the type is large. To me, the break-off point is at a font size of, say, 13, 14 pixels; any copy below that size is more legible if it's aliased. It beats me how people can read anti-aliased copy at 11px -- but unto each their own.

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And, eh: happy new year!

If your cleartype text is blurry you should try this configuration page from microsoft, only works with IE, though.


Personally I don't want to live without Cleartype anymore, even though I have an old CRT Monitor. Pixelated text ha chotto iya desu. ;)

Hmm. My Mac doesn't display your page to look like either of the examples, shown. It must be defaulting to a different typeface.

When I first installed Mac OS X, I hated the anti-aliasing feature. Now that I've used it every day at home and work for so long, I can't stand looking at text (especially larger fonts) the old way.

On my Mac the text doesn't look like either of your examples. I think it looks better on my Mac (Panther, LCD, Safari). When I use Internet Explorer or Mozilla/Netscape the text looks like one of your configurations, and I don't like it at all.

It's kind of hard to describe what the text looks like from here, but I'll try. It's a little bit bolder and and not as skinny. I think it's easier on the eyes, but not all websites are formatted for the Mac and Safari doesn't offer as many controls to change appearance.

Seems like there is another attractive world in Mac OS that I haven't experienced. ;)

And hi, Maurice. Thanks for the link. I tried the configuration but don't know whether or not it worked properly for my monitor. Anyway, I'm getting used to the way ClearType looks and like it. :)

Rudolf, I'll check it out. Thanks and happy new year.

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