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Konnichiwa 2004

Kinga shinnen
Kadomatsu Kagamimochi
Best wishes for the year 2004, the Year of the Monkey. monkey


Ha ha! I beat everybody else to make a first comment for the new year! woo hoo!
And now that I got that childish behavior out of my system, are there any good places, Kiyo, where you can find other interesting gif or jpeg files for new year images, like the one you've put on the journal? :o
happy new year!

did you get this image from the same place as last time? - it's pretty damn sweet. Less colorful but classier *and more animated* than the one I used for my new year blog post :)

happy new year!


Happy New Year to you, too. I love your graphic. I'm rather fond of the year of the monkey, as it's the year I was born in. (Yep, I'm that old!)

the japanese words are the same as the chinese words~hehe~I can understand them~~
monkey year~hope everything goes well~

Hi, guys. Thanks for the New Year messages.

The bamboos and the monkey are from,

And the rice cake,

Hi, can anybody tell me why this is a year of monkey?

hehe~why the monkey year?I never ask my parents for that~~
But in our eastern country, we have twelve animal to stand for one year~and monkey is one of them~^^