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Starting Work

Oh, it's already the 5th, huh? The New Year's holidays are over. My vacation ended with the first snow shoveling of the year. How sweet. Now it's hard to put myself in gear to work after spending the New Year's just sitting around.

Things are getting back to normal. Yeah. Concentration, concentration, concentra....


I know how it feels, although I didn't really have the holiday you spoke of. All I had was a Christmas holiday (singular), and a New Year's holiday (also singular). My big payoff, however, is the Chinese New Year. Plus, my glorious return to Canada coming up at the end of the month which leads to even more time off. Woah boy. I'm going to get so bored!

Now that the big holidays are over, I envy the boredom you are going to have, friend. Your return to Canada is coming near. Patience, patience.... ;)

Officially the Christmas season wraps up tomorrow, January 6th, the Feast of the Epiphany (aka, the 12th day of Christmas). However, yesterday, I put away all the Christmas ornaments and also tried to gear up for getting back to normal (albeit with a much cleaner house).

We still have plenty of クリスマス料理 left. But I've become tired of so much rich and fattening food. I'm glad we eat it only once a year! The magazines and newspapers are filled with articles on how to lose weight after our holiday binge.

Oh, we posted at the same time, M! Like you, we have much おせち料理 left. It's funny we are tired of eating it, but look forward to it by the time the year ends.

hehe~I'm concentrated on my exams~but I have to worry about my ticket of returning home ~~555
For it is end of the year~almost everyone wants to go back home~so the tickets are lacked~~

Your hometown is far from Hangzhou? In Japan school starts in April, and ends in March. What's it like in China?

I've been unemployed for the last 7 months...woo hoo....fun to really learn how to budget money in haaard economic times.. :(

and it's snowing....and will turn to freezing rain later today :(

life.... :D

so in conclusion of most other peoples comments and my own... vacations are great but snow is not :(

looking forward to summer vacation now!

we start school in Feb and end in July~~then we have the summer vocation~after that we start the school in Sep and end in Jan or Feb~heihei~
my hometown is far from hangzhou~^^
so I'm cheerful when I can goback home