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Talking, Talking

I got a haircut yesterday.

I've written about it before. I always feel a little uneasy at a barbershop because I can't see very well what's going on around my head with my glasses off.

And what embarrasses me also is conversation with the haircutter. Most haircutters talk to their customers a lot while doing the stuff. That's a good thing for sure. But you know, I can't see his face very well through the mirror. His voice keeps coming over my head, and I'm at a loss where to turn my eyes - far from a situation where I can enjoy coversation. All I can do is reply briefly like, "Oh, yeah?","Uh-huh","Interesting!","Ugh","Oh, is that so?"... I'm afraid I may sound brusque even though I actually like hearing interesting stories.

Well, that may be an exaggeration. The fact is, I'm a fairly quiet person. I could spend a day without saying a single word if the situation permits. Sometimes I even feel it's too much of a bother to "talk" at all. So, although it depends on the situation, I can't say I'm good at chatting with someone I don't know well. Can be more so in such an uneasy situation as at a barber's.

You may find it funny that a quiet guy like me is in a job that requires a lot of talking. Yeah, but that's another story. It's my job after all. I talk a lot when I need to. ;)

To those of you Japanese fellows who are learning Ei-kaiwa (English conversation):

Some English teachers say that the more talkative you are (in Japanese), the faster your English will improve. I say that's not true. Also, it's content, not wordiness, that really talks. Oh....


I rarely say much to my hairdresser, she just understands that I don't say much to anyways.

More language teachers should share your opinion about learning a different language. My language teachers didn't care about content, as long as we didn't use English.

The same person has been cutting my hair for years. Since I was a child, in fact. Until I finally leave the area for good (whenever that may be), I'll keep going to him, because he's become a family friend.

But despite how well we know each other, I still have a hard time carrying on a conversation with him when he's actually working on my hair. Instead, we usually get all the conversation out of the way while he's finishing up someone else's hair. Just a weird thing, I guess.

And I too have no clue what's going on while he's cutting my hair due to my glasses being off. When he finishes, he always asks how it looks...and after all these years, I still don't think he's realized I always give my seal of approval before I reach over to grab my glasses. Of course, if he ever DOES realize I'm giving him blind approval, he'll probably get cute and give me a mohawk or something...

I remember the longest I had a regular barber I went to was for just 2 yrs - prior to that time period, as a child I moved around alot, don't think that hasn't had effects :)

anyways, she got married and moved to new zealand - so as it stands now ... I'm screwed. I go to the fast food equivalent to a barbershop, different cutter each time so no conversation. I had that glasses problem too, but eventually I got contacts and using them for haircuts was just icing on the cake :D

Once in a barbershop, I leave everything to my haircutter. Looking in the mirror with my glasses on after everything's done is a kind of thrilling moment. ;)