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That Which Confuses

As someone who teaches English, I can't miss this interesting entry by David: Which or That? If you have a little time to spare now (I'm sure you have some because you are reading my blog! ;)), go and take this quiz as David recommends. Well, I personally am glad that I've got the feel of the usage of those words. Ah, possibly. Perhaps. Maybe....

Now let me give you a question. Which, regardless of the explanation given in the quiz site, would you prefer to use in the blank below, which or that? And, if possible, tell me why.

This is the first comment (   ) I have posted here.


I would insert "that". It's probably not proper English though ;)

I love the title of the post - VERY clever.

btw, thanks for the trackback.

"That." Because "which" gets red flagged by Word every time I try to use in such a context.

This is the first comment I have posted here.
I don't think you *need* a relative pronoun in this sentence. If I remember my english lessons correctly you can leave out relative pronouns when the pronoun isn't the subject of the relative clause.
Otherwise I would choose 'that'. I think 'which' would imply that this was the first comment *ever*.

I'm with Maurice...I'd just skip the relative pronoun completely in that sentence. I'd only include it in formal writing (in which case, "that" would be the natural choice).

I'm with the others. I too would use "that" in this case.

yup , definitely 'that' . It just Flows so much better. When I write I try not to get bogged down in grammar and rules, instead I just try to make everything 'flow' together, hard to describe I guess. And surprisingly legible :)

I would agree to "that".

I would also choose "that".

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the general rule that you should only use "which" for subordinating clauses marked by a comma?

after reading your blog -- for me using "that" sounds natural, and I read these comments --- I improved my English, thank you!

Your site is realy very interesting.