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The Stars

Here are the dogs that my parents have. My brother, not I, took the pics during the holidays. No wonder they are well taken, eh?


Aobe. He may look a bit fierce, but he's actually a gentle guy.


Akane. Hey, don't you think she's a beauty?


Let sleeping Miyuki lie. She's very cautious, but once relaxed, she begs us to caress her, again and again.

They came from nowhere during the New Year's holidays two years ago. Very friendly puppies. Probably their irresponsible owner abandoned them near my parents' house. They are obviously siblings, because, as puppies, they all looked the same. They were named by my brother and his wife after some anime characters that I don't know.


Oh they are just beautiful! We're suckers for lost cats and would take in any we found, so I can completely understand keeping strays.

cute dog~but I dare not to be too close to the dog~~haha~

Whenever I hear about people taking in animals from the street I think, "Oh, we'd never do that," but stray animals don't come to our house, so I can't say what we'd really do. We're cat people, so if we saw a really cute kitten, we might allow it to live with us.

The dogs are beautiful, but what really impressed me is how well you have captured the very subtle use of English idiomatic expressions such as huh? and eh?

... magnificant portraits! =)

Thanks, May. :)

Miyuki is probably called
Alice in wonderland by people around you.The japaneese serie with M, is new and well twisted, try to get it.Cute sleeping beauty.Mine is a Belgian
lookalike, extremley active. "Tervureen " is the sort.