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Winter Sport

When you will do this, you have to be ready - both physically and mentally. It's lonely work no matter how many people are around you. Never rush. Keep your own pace. Regain your breath. Yes, you can make it....

Well, the weather here has been crazy for the past week: heavy snowfall day after day, and four sets of "major" snow shoveling in just six days. Just crazy.

Hokkaido is not a place to live in, you know. It's a place to enjoy visiting. The snow is, as I see it, nothing but a nuisance. It's as annoying as, as it were, comment spammers on the Net.

But that's a price to pay to live in this beautiful region.

Anyway, I'm tired out!


aww bloody hell, there's nothing that beautiful or scenic about Toronto, and I''m still shoveling show! that sucks :@

Though I've never been there and it really sucks to shovel snow, I know Toronto is a nice city. It's one of the places where I want to live when I "grow up." ;)

it's not a wastedump or an urban jungle or anything.. and we also have lots of trees/forest. But compared to the japanese scenery that I've seen - T.O. seems so dull. But that's probably cause I've lived here so long.

If you get to toronto and I'm still here , give me a call! :D

the ainu life!

haha jk.

Haha! But seriously, paburo, you know about the Japanese culture extremely well. ;) We should not forget that Hokkaido was originally an Ainu region.

It is cold here, but hardly any snow to shovel thank goodness. Even if there was snow I would not be shoveling it.

I don't know much about Ainu, only that you can type in their alphabet on Panther. And they're kinda discriminated against.


I heard New York was hit with extraordinary low temperature. So, だいじょうぶでしたか?

I don't know about New York, but here in eastern Canada (New Brunswick myself) were hit by similar cold temperatures. Almost -30C for a few days, windchill bringing it down to -45C or so. It's better now, but instead of cold we are currently getting snow, about 25 cm so far, and it's still going strong.

O Canada! That's simply amazing! It gets -20s C at the coldest around my town (eastern Hokkaido). The snow depth is about 50 cm. I'm looking forward to spring.

Of course, the cold weather we have had here in the past few days is a little abnormal, it was far below normal. Still, it is bad we can get that cold at all, it shouldn't be allowed. Maybe I should start a petition...

Good news is that it is now back to normal, the snow stopped, and since it was so cold for a few days it seems almost like summer now. I feel like putting on some shorts and a T-Shirt and heading outside.

Actually, I'm thinking a petition to ban the cold isn't good enough, this is Canada so we should do the Canadian thing, set up a Royal Commission.

Haha, I want that in Hokkaido as well. ;) Surprisingly, It's raining today. There will be a lot of natural skating rinks made here and there tomorrow. Argh!