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Another Birthday

KEC Journal is now two years old. Wow.


Party time!

happy bloganniversary Kiyo-san!
here's to many more years!

I'm sure u will have another two years and another
just keep on walking~^^

w00t! Hehe, Happy B-DAY KEC Journal!!

Thanks, folks. Although I may not have the great drive I had in the beginning, I'll keep it up as long as I can. ;)


You know, Kiyo, when I first came across your site, I had thought it said KFC Journal, so I was wondering why Kentucky Fried Chicken needed a Journal in Japan! :D

oh well....have a good one! :D

I guess there are some who believe this site is KFC Journal. I don't care, because I like KFC. ;)

Wow! 2 years!

That's amazing. Happy Blog-a-versary Kiyo!!

Thanks, Rae! :)