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Chocolate Day

I launched my web browser this morning to find that the Google toolbar on it looked this different.


Some of you may know that, in Japan, Valentine's Day is regarded as a day when girls give chocholate to boys. So, yesterday, a couple of girl students gave me chocolate during class. I'm glad even though it may well be giri-choko, literally "obligation chocolate." (^^;

UPDATE: Gav blogged about the Valentine's Day a la Japon. It's a nice read.


Sorry, I'm not a girl, but I'm not a man either. So Here you are "my (GIRI)CHOKO". Anyway you can get a chance to get many (GIRI) chocolates, but Why women don't get such a chance??? Have a nice Valentine's Day!

honmei choco tastes better. :D
and who knows, they might be hitting on you

I don't know why the pics aren't showing for you. They show up on mine.

We got a Valentine's present from the gods. It snowed! I know that means absolutely nothing to y'all in Hokkaido, but we almost never get snow here in Austin (front page news--schools and businesses close for the event). I didn't actually see it snow, It snowed sometime after midnight and was already melting before 4AM. By the time the sun and I got up around 8AM, there was almost nothing left to photograph. I ran outside and made one snowball.

This was our first winter storm of the season (and probably our last).

M: You're welcome to have any of the snow around here you want. I'd FedEx it all to you if it were possible.

Uh oh, I tried including a link to a pic in the previous post. Maybe Kiyo can make this available somehow: http://briancjanes.com/misc/snow.jpg

Oh, sorry, bcj. I don't enable HTML in comments. Only URLs are transformed into links. Nice pic, btw. :)

I've never heard of that tradition, it sounds pretty sweet (more ways than one :) ). Over on this side, the guy's gotta do all the work:@

at least you got giri choko

i got 0 choko! choko hoshi~~~

BCJ--I looked at your snow at there is certainly more than I want. I put my photo on my garden site (click on my name for the link).

It was sunny and in the 60s today (about 15C ?)

Jonah, who just moved to Hokkaido, posted a photo of the snow on his blog aranami.net--and all I could think was, "Poor, Kiyo!"


Cheers for the compliment. :D

Is it the recent pictures that aren't showing or the older ones?

I'm thinking about building my own site and host everything localy anyway.

hehe~~here I come~~Long time no see Kiyo~
After spending a lazy year at home ~I go back to school now~~^^
Congratulations for your accepting the chocolate~
sweet, right?haha~

Gav, at least I can't see any of the recent ones. I'm using IE 6. And Opera doesn't make it, either.

Welcome back, TERU623. So you enjoyed staying in your hometown a lot, huh? :)

I believe that on white day (march 14), the guys return the favor with white chocolate. I also heard something about 5 times the value somewhere from my mom's pen-pal, but I don't know what this relates to.

just a guess: maybe it means on white day, the chocolate or gift has to five times more expensive? hehe :D

Haha. That should be. ;)

thats cool