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I've been tidying up my workroom for three days now. I'm no good at setting things in order, and so my room has grown into such a mess that there's no place to step. It's literally "足の踏み場もない状態 (ashi no fumiba mo nai jotai)" in Japanese. What I've found out so far is the fact that the room was filled with a great amount of paper - books and magazines, handouts, leaflets, sample textbooks sent from teaching material companies, and such and such. At first, I thought it would take forever to clear them up.

I often hear, like on TV or in books, some famous people say that even though their rooms look untidy, they know exactly where the necessary stuff is. That's definitely not the case with me. I'm lost in the woods of paper. Who said long ago that the consumption of paper would dramatically decrease with the use of digital devices?

Anyway, as a result of the three-day struggle, my room looks neat, well, much better than before. Phew. Now I'm scared of paper.


Exactly the same here!
I know I should tidy mine up during the spring break, but I'm not sure how much time I should spend doing it. "気が遠くなる"(Ki ga tohku naru)

Glad to know I'm not alone with that. Now that my room looks (fairly) okay, my concern is how long it will last. ;)

I hope your hand is devoid of the dreaded paper cuts!

Actually, I cut a finger a little with paper during the cleanup. Paper is scary in that sense, too.