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Snow, Snow, No!

The long, gloomy winter finally began to show a sign of closing in coming to a close, when, of all things, a full-fledged snowstorm struck this area for two days. Come on. I'm fed up with snow, especially this year's. I'm already in the "spring" mode, so, come what may, I will not shovel the snow any more. Hey, Winter, clear the shit away by yourself.

Hmmm, I've not been in the mood for blogging recently. March is the end of the school year here, and so I'm kind of burnt out around this time.

April, and spring, will give me lively energy again, and I'll make a fresh start for the new semester. Hopefully.


hi kiyo~
Actually I like the winter in Hokkaido very much~
By the way,Glay's new album sells not very well~

Snow again?! If it snowed again here everyone except the plowers (paid by the hour) wouldn't shovel it either. Once you've had a taste of spring weather it's too hard to go back. Hopefully this is the last time it snows before summer.

Not to rub it in, but today it reached 18C in Canada. Very nice indeed!!!
Sorry to hear about the snow though. I know how it brings me down. And don't worry about the non-bloggin' mood thing. It happens from time to time.

It has indeed been warm the past few days. Here in New Brunswick, Canada perhaps a little cooler than 18C but right now it's 5C and I'm not going to complain about that. Last week we still had snow, but over the weekend it was pretty warm and now there is almost nothing left. Of course I didn't know the snow was almost gone, I did not step outside a single time over the weekend because I was so busy. But this morning when I left to go to my classes it was a nice surprise.

Hope the weather clears up! :D

It's now starting to cool down here in Melbourne. We're just beginning autumn. We're not lucky enough to get snow. We have to travel to mountains for it.

The school year here has just begun (Feb) and already I've had enough... I feel for you Kiyo. Hope you get a good long break now and can feel energised for the new year.

I don't want to be nitpicky, but you wrote:
"...winter finally began to show a sign of closing in..."
I think closing in usually means "getting closer" i.e. "closing in on the target" or "feeling smaller" i.e. "the walls are closing in"
"Coming to a close" would have sounded better (to my ears at least)

Sorry to hear about the snow- It was very warm here in Tennessee over the weekend (80F's), but got cooler now after a storm

Oh what in the world was I doing?...Thanks for pointing it out, Stephen. I appreciate it. :)

The weather forecast says it will be much warmer today, around 10C. I only hope the snow, or rather "ice," in front of my house will melt.

it is making me think twice about it