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Hi, folks. How are you doing? I've had a cold for the last couple of days, which has made me keep quiet without updating this site. Don't say it's an excuse. ;)

When you have a cold and fever, you feel as if you were totally helpless and it would last forever. Every time I catch one, I realize how wonderful it is to be healthy at all. And end up forgetting it over time.... Pretty funny.

Well, it's March, isn't it? It's still winter in Hokkaido, but spring is not far away. The thought makes me feel good. So, I changed the look of the site a bit. Looks like spring, eh?


this is just like last time.. First you change your layout to spring and then I follow with my own (I'm still brainstorming it). hehe it's really nice

Looks lovely and fresh!

We're still in the middle of a rather warm to hot spummer, so I'm looking forward to my favourite season - Autumn. The colours of the leaves just before they fall; beautiful!

Yeah, pketh, but all I do is change the background. I wish I had a talent for painting.

Rae, isn't it funny when you were complaining about the terrible summer, I was whining about the terrible winter? ;) Autumn is a beautiful season. I feel relaxed in spring and autumn. Now I'm dreaming of the season full of green colour. :)

TAKE CARE of yourself!!!
I like u blog's looking~~
the illness always make people lonely and helpless~~
just think that there are so many friends beside you~~maybe u can feel warm and better~~