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TOTO Toilets

It's been a long time since I blogged about toilets last. I used to be a toilet master. And speaking of toilet companies, haha, most Japanese would think of one called TOTO. I didn't know they have this funny song for kids. The melody is easy to remember. The animation looks cute and humorous. The song words are, um, kinda bold. I like it. Don't you?


That's fantastic!

It's good to know that whether my unchi is dekai or chichai, I can rely on T-O-T-O. What a relief.

That song kind of..ummm..weirded me out. I couldn't listen to it all. It did strange things to my head.
Me likes shiny button thingies.

super cute (scarily so). Also noticed your back to the regular layout - no more spring huh?

Yeah, Jeremy, seems like TOTO benki can flush powerfully, whatever the size of the....

TheRich, my friend, it's too bad the song made you feel weird. I wonder what brings about the difference.

pketh, I wanted to see the original design for no reason. Back to basics, maybe. ;)

I am a newcomer here.

I enjoyed the song, which prompted me to tell you about a funny news on Yahoo which goes as follows:

Virgin's "Kisses" urinals get public kiss-off (March 19)

NEW YORK (AFP) - Citing public concern, Virgin Atlantic has scrapped plans to install urinals -- in the shape of a woman's lips waiting to be kissed -- in the airline's clubhouse at New York's John F. Kennedy airport.

I searched the internet and found the site of its designer with the photos of the "lips" at http://www.bathroom-mania.com/urinoir/kisses.html.

It is interesting, but not for public use, I think.

Okay, I have to ask...what does a "toilet master" do?

Freeman, welcome here and thanks for the perfect example for a toilet topic! That urinal is interesting and amusing, but whether I want to use it is another matter. ;)

Mike, actually, there's nothing meaningful in the "toilet master" stuff. I blogged about toilets a lot while back, and someone jokingly called me "toilet master."

I must be getting olde in my olde age, if you're posting sites before I can put them into the forums :D
hee hee hee :D

Ha ha! Maybe I've grown a bit as a Net surfer. ;)

Like, yeah. Totally.

I‘m coming~~
long time no see~how are u?
I know TOTO~this brand is famous~

Remember the post about February/Feb-yoo-ary? I found a site that has the most common mispronounced words and phrases in the english language.




I cannot believe you linked that site because I was going to do the exact same thing, but didn't b/c it's off topic. But you did it for me!

The pronunciation of the word "often", according to that site, is "of-en." It says don't pronounce the "T", so saying without the "T" is not "speaking sloppily".

Also, that TOTO song creeps me out a little. :-O

As they say (whoever "they" are), 'great minds think alike.' I've also heard 'simple minds seldom differ,' but I'd rather adhere to the first option.
Thankfully, I'm not the only one who finds that ToTo song a little creepy.

Hey, 66, has your cold been all right? Don't care about a lot of Chinese entries on your blog. Post entries in English once in a while, and in other times, I can learn kanji, and possibly Chinese. ;)

TheRich and Jessica, that kind of topic is always welcome, regardless of the subjects of my blog entries. Thanks for the link. :)

hi kiyo,
lol~~ ya it's funny!
In my parents' and grandparents' houses, there'are also TOTO toilets, and sinks.
Why they also make a TOTO for kids? They also design kids' bathing products? Anyway, it's cute~~ ecpecially the dark dancing stuff (Is that dung? Ohh, sorry for saying so directly.)

Hi, heather. Actually, it's not that TOTO made a new product for kids. The song is just there for everyone to enjoy. And the main character, yeah, is just what you imagined. LOL