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Well, well, I'm still in bad shape with the cold. Maybe Windows is always in a condition like this, I guess. And, yeah, this is really funny and real! Enjoy!


do take care ~~I'm sure u will recover soon~~
and the link is funny~~the person who makes it is talent~

that's exactly how i feel using my bro's winXP comp.. except it crashes more and has spyware

hope ya get better soon

Sorry to hear about the cold. I'm probably about due for a cold myself. I hope you get over it soon.

Thatlink was simply one of the funniest things I've ever seen. I was nearly on the floor, drowning in my tears of laughter. It always amazes me how people can find such gold.

Take care! I'm getting well from my bad cold, but now I have been troubled with stomachache.

Now I'm starting to get sick too. My dad is sick and so is the girl I sit next to in class. If only there were an easier way to get rid of a cold for the body like there is for the computer (virus removal tool).

Sorry to hear you are still under the weather. Hope you start feeling better soon.

Thanks, guys! March is the end of the business year in Japan. So things are busy around me as well. And it's kind of a matter of course that, of all occasions, I catch cold. I'm a frequent cold catcher, which is why, ironically, I think I know how to get along with my cold. Usually, malaise comes, and goes in a few days without developing any further. But the last one was a little different. I had clear symptoms of cold, which lasted longer than usual. Fortunately, it wasn't the flu that many of my students came down with. I'm well now, thanks.