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Spring of Dreams

OK, it's April at last. Spring! Yay! And the new school year begins today. So, let me say Happy New Year to everyone.


It was undoubtedly a great spring present for baseball fans in Japan that the New York Yankees and the Devil Rays played the season's first two games here. Hideki "Godzilla" Matsui hit an impressive home run to add more excitement to the series.

And the big leaguers went home, leaving behind a lot of shells of sunflower seeds in the dugouts, and spit on the fields.


You know, I just can't seem to get myself excited about baseball anymore. It seems as I've grown older, my taste for teh *cough* sport *cough cough* has faded into obscurity. Just like the Spice Girls!

I always can't understand the rule in baseball~no matter how hard I try~><
so I'm afraid I have no such talents on baseball!
today is April Fool's Day!
have you been cheated by your friends?hehe~

It's sakura!
There're aloe many sakura's in hangzhou, and zucc(my school).T took several pictures of sakura last weekend. While uploading them, I was thinking about its English name. I'm not sure whether it's called sakura in English, so I took "oriental cherry" instead.
Anyway, it looks very beautiful where blocks of sakura trees standing together~~~

So many mistyping above!

Ha ha hah, TheRich, I'm always a happy-go-lucky baseball fan, though I'm not so excited about the sport these days. ;)

66, come to think of it, nothing special happened around me this time. Did you have anything funny?

Oh cherry trees (or blossoms) are called "sakura" in China, too, heather? That's interesting! The pics on your site look beautiful. :)

hi Kiyo~
Heather and I are both surprised why nobody come to cheat us??
so what I can do is to cheat my friends as many as possible~~haha

Did anyone play any jokes on you Kiyo? I was lucky this year and didn't fall for any jokes by believing that most things were a joke. But nobody intentionally played a joke on me.

How long are vacations in Japan? For us the new school year doesn't start until August or September.

sakuraaa~~~~~sakuraaaa~~~~ ring tone for my mobile hehehe.

Jessica, nobody played any jokes on me this time. Actually, I can't remember when the last time I had a funny joke was. As for vacations, school finishes in late March, and begins in early April. Students in Japan must be envious of their American counterparts in this respect.

Hey, paburo, that's cool, isn't it? ;)