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Believe me, I'm not in any way happy to hit penguins. But these games are addictive. Beware.


I've just wasted about half an hour playing these. How addictive! Brilliant.

I have no time to play these game!!5555555555
we have two tests tomorrow!!!

I have no time to play these game!!5555555555
we have two tests tomorrow!!!

Great link. Those games have provided me a good amount of non-thinking time.

I played all those games like crazy and then compared my score to the best.. I suck :)

btw, my new site's at www.pketh.com

Did you ever see the classic 80's movie, "The Last Starfighter?" It appears that the same thing has happened to Kiyo. He's been transported to a mysterious place (probably the South Pole) and now finds himself deadlocked in a heated battle of Penguin baseball. Good luck Kiyo. I hope you can come back home soon.

They made a movie about penguins playing baseball?!

sure it's cheesy, but I gotta see it :D

Funny. "South Pole" and "Heated" in the same sentence. That might explain this global warming trend.

The Last Starfighter rocks:


Yeah, TheRich is right. Though not the South Pole, it seems as if I have been transported to another world. Don't worry. I don't have any battles to be involved in. I think I'll be back sometime, uh, soon. ;)

Whew. It sounds as though Kiyo has at least been victorious in his battles. Congrats. You've earned a rest. Come back when you're ready. :)

we'll wait eagerly for your return then :)

theese games are wkd but our i.t teacher is blocking all your sites is there any he can;t block pls tell me