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Living in another world

Boy, it's been two months since my last post! It's the longest interval ever on this blog. It's not that I have no intention of updating this site any more. Well, the fact is, I've been into an online RPG. You know, it's always exciting to experience something new, if it's a good kind. I'm a morning person, I mean, I don't go online at night. Thus, no time for updating this blog.

Meanwhile, MT has been upgraded to a paid version. Even though MT is a great program and I can't thank enough for having let me use it for free for a long time, it's a lot of bother for me to update the program and go through the paying procedure now, especially after this long absence. Phew...

If you happen to love to read my blog, you have my sincere apologies. I'm temporarily in another world. I'll be back. I'll be back. I'll be back....


wow, it really has been awhile!
What MMORPG is it? Must be really good .. ;)

I too am interested to know what RPG has managed to capture the attention of Kiyo of Hatano English School. It's good to see you write a blog again though. I've missed it. :)

No need to upgrade to the new version of MT if this one is workin' for you. That's what I'm doing, sticking with 2.x for now, if not for always.

Welcome back to cyberland, albeit temporarily.

bcj., thanks for the advice. Good to know that and, of course, I'll do so. ;)

Steppin' to the new world, eh? :) Like the tune from Soulhead says? :)

welcome back Kiyo! I was wondering what happened :o
RPGs are a great time killer :(

Hey Kiyo! Good to see you back! I've been checking regularly :)

Kiyo, it will be sad if you stop blogging. I hope you get interested in it once more.

Til then, I'll just say "Talk soon!" :)

Thanks, friends. :) As long as I have you guys here as visitors, I'll never stop blogging. Uh, gimme a little more time.

Be careful, those MMORPGs are like a drug. I know people that have lost friends to them. They may be fun, but if you spend a few months, or even a year with your head sucked into Lineage, you don't think you'll look back and wish you had done something different with your time?

But it's not easy to kick the habit...

I'm glad to hear(??) you. Please be back-- not it is in July. It is really hot.

Hi Kiyo! Long time no see. Well, I've never seen you, but anyway..! My blog also went quiet for a while, but now it's back. I'm sure you'll be back soon too =)

*sob* I fear we may have lost Kiyo for good. Oh the tradgedy!
My heart breaks with each passing day. What sorrow!

Huh? Kiyo not back yet....
ok.....set timer for 360 more days.....



Kiyo! A comment from the void! Perhaps this bodes well for the future? Hoorah!

so what does Kiyo do that is not online games? Offline games? LOL
watching sunspots again?
downloading the latest movies off winmx or bittorrent?
or on strike to strike the strikers on J-baseball?

Well, it'd be getting into autumn/winter in Japan about now, so perhaps he's out and about skiing around Hokkaido, randomly teaching English to those he comes across before he flits off again into the misty whiteness.

Arg, now I want to be in Hokkaido skiing about, rather than in Australia sweating it out. Kiyo! Come back and regale us with your adventures!

aaah, rpgs can be addictive my friend.

ive never played this game before though, is it free? can it be played online?

take care kiyo

You know, I just really, really wanted to be comment number 20. It just makes me feel special.

hope Kiyo and the rest of you have a great holiday!

Ah, how easy it is to slip out of the habit... I too know how tough it is to re-engage once the pattern is disrupted. Maybe the New Year will bring Kiyo back to us.

Wow.....Kiyo still not back yet....LOL

happy new year anyway! :D

den4 aka kadath13 :)

Seven months to the day. Scrazy.

Hehe, I haven't been here in a long time, and it looks like you haven't either! I guess you are lost in RPG world huh? Hope all is well, and hopefully you'll return to the blogging world, once in a while.

Kiyo....you out there?
hope you aren't snowed in too badly :o

It doesn't look too good.....
Kiyo! Come back!

Nearly nine months. I'm beginning to lose the faith. :(