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Well, I'm here. Actually, I've always been here, kinda, to get rid of hundreds of pieces of comment spam. Phew... Seems like the only thing I haven't done here is update this blog. Oh, my ... It's been so long a time that I almost forgot how to write in this blog.

To my blogging friends and visitors, I'm terribly sorry to have been away for such a long time. I'm well and all right. The new school year will begin in April and I'm preparing hard for that. The nasty snow will melt away soon, which will make me feel refreshed. Yeah, I'm here, and will be. ;)


Thanks for letting us know you're still alive! It's been almost 1 year without an update I wasn't sure if you were going to keep blogging.

Always darkest before the dawn! KIYO is BACK! All is now right in the world. Except for this touch of the flu I seem to have.

Welcome back Kiyo. Big time.

Kiyo! Long time no speak. We've missed you here. Its good to hear from you again.

Good to see you finally found your way out of those dungeons! Happy spring. Hmm, is it spring there too?

Yay! Kiyo is back :)

Neko mimi mode! ^..^
so what have you been doing up to now, Kiyo?
Neko mimi mode! ^..^

Hey Kiyo, I hope April went well for you - what with being busy at the start of the school year. Anyhow, don't forget about us here :) Its always interesting to read whatever you've written.

Thanks guys!
I've been living normally, uh, except for updating this site. Hahaha.
Thanks for not forgetting about this blog. :)