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It's time to...

I've tried in vain to post an entry for the past few weeks. Error, Error, Error... Something must be wrong, but I didn't get where that was. And finally...I got it. Yeah, I got it, friends. My server space was full. Period. And ironically, the culprit was the Movable Type activity log! Maybe I got what I deserved here.

Taking this opportunity, I've decided to move to another server. I've already got the domain name of "kec-journal.com." Wow, I can't go back, huh? So I'll be working on the new server for some time.

Oh and this blog was mentioned in a magazine for English learners in Japan! If you live in Japan, go check it out.


Kiyo! Great to see you back. I tried commenting on your original site, then checked here. Hopefully it works this time :)

Wow, it looked like that worked! if it did, excellent!
Like I said, great to hear from you again Kiyo! what have you been up to? you've certainly disappeared from our screens for a while. Anyhow, keep posting and we'll keep reading!

Thanks for the nice words, Clive. Hey, you've become the first guy to post a comment for the all new kec-journal.com!

Now I'm struggling to build this site. Your encouragement has given me a lift. Thanks again. :)

Clive told me you were back as well. Remember me? :D

Come on! How can I forget you, pketh! ;) It's English that I've forgotten. hahaha. Really nice to talk to you again. :)

Hey, it's good to see you're back. I like the new design and everything.

Hi Kiyo. Welcome back to the blogosphere! Good to see you posting again. Congratulations on your mention in the magazine. If I could offer one observation, in the spirit of proper English usage... I believe you meant to use an idomatic expression in the last line of your post, in which case, the usage would be "...go check it out."

Oh, thanks for checking my English, David. :)