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Just Moved

So, this is it. The moving hassle is now over.

What I had in mind before the move was to reproduce the original site as faithfully as possible on the new server. Very simple. Export the entries. Install Movable Type. Import the entries. Copy and paste the stylesheet and HTML codes. Rebuild the site. And that's it. It should be very simple. Yeah, it should be, should be....

Well, I had forgotten a simple fact then. That is, this kind of stuff can't go as smoothly as planned, at least for me! Haha!

Now I'm glad the site has settled into shape. Really? -- Maybe.

Seems like while I was sleeping, there was much progress made in MT -- comment authentication, plugins, and such and such.... I need to figure out the new features. Mmmm. But, you know, it's always exciting to learn something new.

Anyway, uh, welcome to the new kec-journal.com, folks! I think I have to get out of the state of Urashima Taro in this blogging sphere as soon as possible. ;)


A sincere welcome back to the blogosphere Kiyo. You have been missed.

I know what you mean about the upgrades and such. I upgraded from Greymatter to Textpattern, and it was like re-discovering radium..it nearly killed me.

こんにちは! I just discovered your blog and I'm pleased you got things figured out. Having enjoyed reading some of your older posts, I look forward to your return. I'm glad I was able to make it at such a big time!

Wow, it seems like the old gang is coming back, plus new people too! And RSS feeds too! Ahh, Kiyo, not only have you returned, but you've returned with style!