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Look, Look, Look...

When you create a blog, one of the things you care about a lot will be your blog's look. Even though you know it's the contents that count in blogging, you want to make a stylish site. Um, yes, I'm talking about myself.

Movable Type comes with its default templates. The earlier styles, I should say, didn't look good to me. In fact, when thinking about changing blog publishing systems from Blogger, I was torn between MT and Greymatter only for their default styles! Wow, come to think of it, that was back in 2002. I wanted a simple but neat design. So I tried tweaking the templates to my taste. You know, I was, and still am, not well-versed in HTML and stylesheet things. It was like solving a tough puzzle, doing a 5000 piece jigsaw, building a card tower, making a sandcastle on a beach, or...zzz....

So, the result was the one on the former site, which many of you are used to seeing. The only part left from the default design was the top blue border line of the title frame. I was pretty, no, very satisfied with the outcome, even though I didn't know exactly why the page looked that way! I knew there were a bunch of unnecessary codes, but I wouldn't redesign the site any more for fear that one code rewriting would mess up the whole site. Whew!

And this time, I was going to copy the design as it was. I imported the entries and rebuilt the site, and was about to copy the templates from the former site, but...wow, the new default style looked just...fine! It was updated and improved to a modern look, which made me have second thoughts. I decided to redesign my blog site based on the templates of the latest version. And, yeah, there may be some important or useful codes in the latest ones the functions of which I will never know! Ha!

There are still some more parts that I want to change now, but do you like the new look, guys? ;)


I like an easy to read layout. This one works well for that. The colours are still good. You wouldn't hear any complaints from me if you kept it this way. :)

Yeah, TheRich, I value readability when tweaking layouts. Glad to know mine looks OK. :)

Well, another thumbs up from me. Looks good, easy to read, easy on the eyes, I'm certainly not complaining either.

fully agree with the previous commenters, kiyo. it's simple, yet very neat looking and easy on the eyes when reading. everything you could ask!

Do you know any other hokkaido blogs?

Thanks, guys. Seems like my 5000-piece-jigsaw struggle has been rewarded. ;)