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Everybody has their own great talent for something. The trouble is, most of you (including me probably!) seem not to be aware what it actually is. If you found one in yourself, it would certainly be a really great moment for you.

When I was a kid, I once thought I might have a talent for painting. The thought started after I won a prize in a painting contest or something at school. Funny enough, the prize-winning landscape work was an unfinished one because I forced myself to wait to go to the bathroom and couldn't concentrate when painting. Nature called me, but there was no place to do my business in the nature around.

Maybe, the painting happened to look artistic because I did it in a fog. And now, I know I'm not artistically gifted. ;)

So, folks, here is a girl who is beginning to draw out her artistic talent. Nora, a former student of mine and so called in class, is finding herself in the field of art. She was a cheerful, eager student and has kept in touch with me even after entering college in Tokyo. She's a senior now. Wow, time surely flies.

Nora, or Megumi as her real name is, is giving a small exhibition of her paintings titled "What are you looking for?" at a cafe in Tokyo as part of her study in college. If you stay around Tokyo, please go and see them.

Nora, gambare! :)

* Oops... The photo is blurred. So, you know, I think you'd better go see the real one to make sure how good it is. ;)


Hi! I'm Nora.Real name is Megumi Tamaki.Nice to meet you!
I leaned English at Hatano English Seminor,I was 11-18 years old.
Now I'm a college student in Tokyo.
I visited him in last summer vacation, And talked about my exhibition.

Thank you very much for introducing me, Mr.Hatano.

Please come to KINGYO CAFE in Yoyogi, and see my pictures.
And their foods are delicious.
You will have a good time there.

Thank you Mr.hatano!!!
I love you!!!

Wow, that's really good. It's reminiscent of something else I've seen, but I can't place it. How long is the exhibition up for?

Nice to meet you!
My exhibition up for September 10-16.the Cafe opens am11:30-pm10:30.

I'm very glad to see you here.
I will be drawing pictures all the while.I hope you see my pictures some time.
Prease give my best regards!

Hahaha, well done, Nora. ;)