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Where's B?

Ever wondered why hard drives begin with drive letter C?

Recently, as you know, I bought a new PC. The PC came without a floppy drive. Yeah, it's my option because I can't remember when I used it last and I don't think I need it any more. So, my PC has no "A:drive" for the first time. Wait... After A comes B, then comes C and.... That's what I teach to my students. Where in the world is "B" in my computer?

I searched the Net and found this one:

Why is it that computers never have a "B" drive?

Wow.... I started using computers in 1995. (I remember the year because I started with Windows 95 that was just released.) And I've taken the "C:drive" for hard drives for granted. Interesting!

Now I think I -- ひとつ賢くなった. (hitotsu kashikoku natta: I've learned one new thing, and got wiser accordingly.)


I remember a long, long time ago when Mr. William Gates said that we would never need more than a 20meg hard drive. Boy was he wrong!!

I remember my family's very first computer, which had a 3 1/4" A drive, a 5 1/2" B drive, and a C drive that was a whopping 35mb. But I haven't seen a B drive in ages, and to be honest I don;t think I;ve bothered putting an A drive into any of my recent machines.

Wow, nostalgic...

I was the IT guy at a large non-profit 7 years ago (and the 5 years preceding).

Not long after I took over the duties, I retired the last PC we had without a hard drive. It booted from a low-density 5 1/4 drive and ran a word processor (MultiMate) from the second 5 1/4 drive.