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Can't Stand?

At the entrance of the washrooms of a freeway rest area:



Female visitors,
refrain from using the men's room.

I just couldn't resist taking the shot, laughing. I'm curious to know what got them to put up the notice. Oh, but actually, I've had a couple of experiences of "female invasion of men's rooms." And, you know, those invaders are middle-aged or older women. Yeah...


This happened to me this past Friday. I was at an Oktoberfest celebration in Kitchener, Ontario, where there was a lineup stretching outside of the woman's washroom that extended out by at least 13 ladies. The men? What line? One bold lady took it upon herself to ignore the gender signs and run into the mens, until security stopped her at about three steps in.

This may explain that sign.

What I find curious, however, is that if a woman walks into a man's bathroom, us men generally don't care. But if we were to even look into the women's bathroom, we'd be lucky to walk away without some sort of minor injury. Hmmmmm.

I was thinking about exactly the same thing, TheRich. ;)

Hmm, I've had this happen to me too! Is this a recent epidemic? I think it's just a natural consequence of us men's toilet efficiency.

Or of course, it could have been that this lady had drunk a little too much and couldn't read the sign.

But there's shorter queues in the mens usually! :)

I was surprised at first when the cleaning women would come into the men's toilet or onsen even while we were inside. This would never happen in the States (at least not where I'm from). It's easy enough to get used to though...

>what got them to put up the notice.

I think they must have seen

This is a very common thing in the States at concerts and outdoor events. Especially since all the women seem to have to pee at the same time. I'm not surprised. We're just jealous of males' efficiency.