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Memory Lapse

While talking with my wife the other day, in Japanese of course, I suddenly paused in search of a word. The word was right on the tip of my tongue, just there, but I just couldn't come up with it. Really frustrating moment, isn't it? Then she said, "Can't you think of its English word, either?" "Oh?" I tried shifting gears. "Well, uh, it's...LOOTING!" "What does it mean?" "It's like...a mob steal things from stores during a disaster or the like...." She said several Japanese words to it, but none sounded right somehow, when I finally caught it!

The word was: 略奪 (ryaku-datsu)


Now you may wonder in what context I had to use the word then. Well, it's...just...at the edge of my memory, but...


Looting eh? Well, that's another word I'll remember but probably will never use. I think my useful Japanese is gradually being replaced by uch more interesting but decidedly less common words... Hahahaha not that that's a bad thing of course.