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Yeah, it's KEC Journal

Ah, Happy New Year, folks! ...Too late? Don't care. My blog's new year has just begun. Hahaha!

While I was kind of dawdling, there were two big things happened for KEC Journal.

One is, Clive, a long-time regular visitor here, called me late last month! To my surprise, he called me in Japan! And even more surprisingly, he talked to me in Japanese! His Japanese was just superb. Actually, at first I didn't think it was from a non-Japanese. I'm curious to know how he's learned this language.

Oh, but it was just unfortunate for both of us that, of all things, he made this surprise attack at that time of year. It's the time for entrance exams and term-end ones here. I was having quite a hassle preparing for the day's classes when the telephone rang. He said he'd just come to Abashiri, about 40 kilometers away from my town, and wanted to see me. Though I wanted to see him, of course, and show him around, I couldn't find time. Arrrrrgh!

Very sorry, Clive, but when you come to Japan again, don't make a surprise attack, but let me know in advance. ;) I was really glad to hear from you. I'll keep the promise that I'll start blogging on a regular basis in coming April. (wow)

The other one is, M posted a comment for the first time in a long, long while. She's one of my precious fellow bloggers and we would enjoy discussing the two languages - English and Japanese. When I restarted this blog last year, one of the first things that came to my mind was about her. I visited her blogs, but it seemed that she hadn't updated them either. Now I'm happy to know she's been doing OK. I hope we'll be able to bandy words about languages and various things the way we used to!



Hey Kiyo!

Happy New Year!

Haha, sorry about my surprise attack, but I didn't know I was going to be in Abashiri until I went that day... advanced planning isn't my strong suit.

As for my Japanese? As much as I'd like to accept the compliment, I think what we have here is a case of honne and tatemae :) To answer your question Kiyo, I learnt it for a couple of years at High School, then for 3 years at university. Haha, and it's still terrible.

Next time I come to Japan though, I'll definitely letyou know in advance!

I hope all your students are doing well, and studying hard, and that you are still in good health.

Great to hear from you again.


Happy New Year to you, Kiyo! Instead of thinking you're a bit late, you might say you're a few weeks early. The business and school year begins April 1st in Japan, right?

Now that I use a rss reader, I can keep up with you even when you post infrequently--as I do these days!

Guess what! I'm still studying Japanese. After a year of not studying, I went back to school again this semester. No matter how much I study, there always seems to be so much more to learn.

Hizzah. Thanks Clive for makin' him promise! I missed your posts, Kiyo. I'd like a full report of what you've been up to on my desk by next week. ;) Kidding. Glad to see you're back (again).