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Yet Another Blog

Spring is coming. Another school year starts in April. And so, it's the time of year for me to make my New Year's resolutions. OK, I will review my way of teaching and try to improve it. Next, er, I will keep my blog going.

To give myself a shot in the arm, kinda, I've set up a Japanese blog titled "英語Blogを楽しもう!", or Let's enjoy English Blogs!. The main goal of it is to encourage Japanese learners of English to enjoy writing and reading English blogs. Sounds great? And... there's a hidden goal that may mean a lot to me. That is, by having such a blog, I will have to keep updating this main blog - KEC journal! Yes, the subtitle of the new blog is "KEC Journal 番外編," which means "KEC Journal Plus." Hah!

I think this new blog can be useful for those who are learning Japanese as well. Come check it out!


Hey, Kiyo! This is great! Not only are you back in business, but you're diversifying too!

Although, a quick glance over the other blog jerks me painfully into the reality of my terrible kanji ability, hahaha.

Looks good though, I will endeavour to read and comment as best I can...


Best of luck on attaining your new goals. Glad to see you back in the mainstream.

I'm glad to hear you again. Your blog started me on my diary blog five years ago. I always thanks to you.

I like the new layout. Nice change.

I encountered your blog by chance while surfing the web in pursuit of help with my personal study of Japanese--not only did it answer my question, I found it fun and interesting! =) Keep posting, I know I'll be back to read more.

Thanks, guys! I'll gambaru!

And hi, Meg, nice to *meet* you. :) I'm glad some of my posts were of your help. Come again!