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April 4

7th graders:

"You know, March 3 is Hina Matsuri. It's a day for girls."


"And May 5 is Children's day. It's a day for boys."

"Yep, so what?"

"3-3, 5-5, then 4-4 should have some meaning. Hey, it's April 4, isn't it?"

"Oh, today is 4-4!"

"So, it must be 'Gay Day' today!"

Well, kinda...


Hahaha Gay day? You missed yor chance Kiyo! You should have said that 4/4 was the day for English teachers!

Hehe, it's fun to hear all your stories of your students again. Are they still the same ones you had before only older? or are they entirely new?

Yeah, they are the same students. They'll give me a lot of stories to blog about this year, too. ;)