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Banana Again

Mieko-san wrote about bananas in her April 11 entry. Reading it, I remembered I had once blogged about bananas, too.

Bananas used to be a very expensive fruit in Japan when I was a kid. Or it may be that that was a limited phenomenon observed only around me. I don't know. It's already a remote memory. Anyway, being able to eat bananas was one of the most exciting events for me as a kid. And while all this was going on, the day finally came when I had a chance to eat bananas as many as I liked. After that, I grew tired of bananas and they were no longer a special fruit for me. Little Kiyo lived happily ever after. (No, no)

After blogging about the fruit, I had a bunch of comments from banana haters from around the globe (well, maybe). That taught me there exists a phobia about bananas. There is no accounting for tastes? Hah, this is a proverb I learned in high school English class whose Japanese counterpart (蓼食う虫も好きずき: tade kuu mushi mo sukizuki) I learned for the first time too!

Well, this post may draw a lot of comments from those who have the phobia from entire universe again....


Did you know bananas are predicted to become extinct? Our great grandchildren may never know bananas... banana and peanut butter sandwiches... bananas in cereal... banana chips. Terrible! :O

Whe I was a kid I used to really like bananas, but now I don't even like the smell. I don't know why my opinion changed though...

In Australia bananas are normally quite cheap, but at the moment they have become very expensive because of the tropical storm that flattened all of the banana crops and messed up most of Queensland.

Strangely enough, I used to hate bananas as a kid, right up until a few years ago. While in China, I actually rediscovered bananas and I now eat them regularly. Now only if the same could be said about peas. Ugh.